Friday, March 17, 2006

Top Of The Day To YOU

Network marketing industry has produced more millonaires than any other industry. Tahitian Noni International in just ten years has produced over 350 dollar milloniares. It has been predicted that the next set of milloniares will emerge from people who are into some form of home business or the other. See you on the other side of the millonaire's club. Yours in faithful pursuit, Amara

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Are You A Leader?

In Multi-level Marketing, there three types of people

  • Dropouts: they join and quit before accomplishing anything
  • Distributors: they stay a while and contribute at lower level. Often join to enjoy whole sale discount for personal use or for personal retail profit, may sign up a few but sees the great success in mlm as an unattainable dream.
  • Leaders: They are the smaller category and are commited to the business by putting in long hours of prospecting for new prospect and teaching these recuits to prospect. they keep working and never give up. Eventually, they stay to watch their downlines grow to a point where they begin generating substantial income monthly.

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Want Some Water?

Just turn a faucet or even press a button as the case may be and have all the water you need. But did you know that it wasn't always like that. Back in them days, you had to first pour a little water into the top (that's called priming the pump). Next you put in lot of physical effort, pumping hard for a long time, trying to draw water from the deep underground. At this point, it's all work with no reward. But soon, everything changes and eventually,water would reach the top and massive result with little effort is experienced. Building a business is like that and so is MLM. First, it is massive effort with little pay off. Persistently priming the pump will get you to waking up one morning to find that your magic moment has come. Your downline will grow of it's own accord, your commissions will swell by the months and you will have at your disposal,the power of true leverage.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tips For Living Well

  • Productivity- if you don't produce, you won't be happy
  • Have /make good friends-people who know all about you and still love you
  • Spirituality-study, practice and teach. This will build your foundation
  • Don't miss anything. Don't miss the games, the movie, show, music, poem. Feast on someone else's stuff, don't miss even the small things. Remember, if you live well, it will show.
  • Take care of the inner circle for the power to face the world is from there. Care and love your own people for if you give, then you can draw from it.
  • Ask for God's help.

Via: Building Your Network Marketing Organization

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Check This Out

A book by Rene Reid Yarnell titled Your First Steps in Network Marketing. It's specially desinged for the newcomer to the industry and of course for that old comer who wants to know if there has been some stones left unturned. It's also a self paced study programme.

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Link And Get Help

The internet has made things easier these days and for your network marketing, as you can find support on the internet. So check out the following:,,, MLM Reporter,,, Cutting Edge Media,, Dream Builders, Earnware, Voxwire,,,,,

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Have You Heard The Cry?

"Quit before you are fired!". The days of job loyalty are gone, both on the employee's side and on the side of job seekers. For companies, downsizing is now the only way to show profit. Thus, the moment employees come on board, they have thier eyes on the look out for a better opportunity. Women are fed up on their so called big time jobs as they daily pay for being women and at the same time miss out on the precious growing years of thier kids who they can't help to be away from. The pension programme provided for retirees are more and more becoming inadequate by the moment.People are desperatly in search for a better option of income-earning. What then is the way out? Today, as an income earner, you're either in an employment, traditional self-employment, home based business owners or leveraged income. The first is often taken because it's an easy way out and promises a steady pay check and someone else takes all the risks. But today many are forced out or better still choose to quit themselves either out of fustration or simply because a better way of earning income is found, to go start up thiers which has a high failure rate or move towards home business. Home business has become more and more popular and accepted as more and more companies are downsizing.In the home business however, challenges abound but getting involved in a network marketing, drastically reduces these challenges and gives risks but calculated ones.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Do You Have A Different Idea?

"If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business."
Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki

He did not make money through network marketing but thinks that network marketing is almost the only way out today

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The Climb

It's more than a year now since I started network marketing with a wonderful company called Tahitian Noni International. I have no single doubt about suceeding in this business especially with such a tremendous product like ours and the sound training I have got. I look back and I am very greatful for the day my path crossed this grand opportuinity for every moment has been worth it and my life is getting better and better each day. I have had my own share of pain from past mistakes, have and is still working very hard, doing all I can to apply and practice what I have been taught and have also had great moment seeing those principles work. But I have more to achieve than just being rich and I am sure that is why the climb has not been easy. Because at the end of the day, I see me rich not only financially, but rich in character, rich in reaching out to people, rich in helping in any way that I can. I figure if the money just comes, then I have achieved nothing. I desire to help not only myself, but to help people succeed also; people who maybe have given up on life and never thought they'll make it anymore. The process is a long one, sometimes I feel low, discouraged and feel like giving up, but no, somehow, I see myself at the end of the tunnel hand in hand with someone I have helped looking at me with shinny eyes, and really, really thanking me for not giving up on them, for helping them succeed and helping them get thus far. So I am not about giving up, I am just begining. It may seem long, but I'll hit it real big and swing real high. I think so, yes I know so and I love me so very much. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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Where Do You Fit In?

Each of the group in the cashflow quadrant, has similar characteristics.The The E(employees) quadrant folks think and speak alike wheteher a janitor or a president. You often hear things like: "I am looking for a safe and secure job with benefits", " How much money do we get on over time?", "How many paid holidays do we have?". Security is a very core important value. The S (self employed) value independence and move from E quadrantto S quadrant by saying "I am quiting my job to go do it myself" and are filled with proffessionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants etc. They are hard core, hard working and content in heading a very few staff and use words like: " if you want it done right, do it yourself" and "I have the best product". Thier theme song is "nobody does it better". The B (big business owners) are people with powerful life mission. They value great team, want to serve and work with the best. They look for others who are good or better than them. They can stop working and income keeps coming. The I (investors) value financial freedom and love the idea of money working for them instead of working themseves. Thier common sayings are: "I am recieving 20% of my assets", "how much money defered maintenance is on the property?".

Via Business school

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who Is Your Mentor?

Every home business man or woman needs is a good mentor. Mentoring is prerequisite to success and this is simply a supportive one-ono-one relationship between an accomplished individual and an aspiring individual to facilitate the aspirant's growth and developement. Mentoring is not an end in itself, but a journey towards independence. In multi level marketing, good mentors abound. They'll allow you find the best in yourself and live up to your potential, develope your personal vision and enhance your management and leadership skills.With an mlm mentor, you'll find resources you may not have found on your own, elicit high commitment to personal change and gain leadership support. There is a learning period in mlm after which you'll come out a proffessional and a mentor youself. As a good entrprenuer, you should be willing to be mentored, be adaptive and opened to ideas that are diferent from the way you are used to doing things in the traditional business world. The mentor in turn, derives personal satisfaction because he is doing something worthwhile which will in turn, benefit him. There are no pitfalls, for all the known and proven ideas one to truly succeed will not be in any way hidden from you,JUST GET SOMEONE CREDIBLE.

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A Huge Expanding Boom

175,000 Americans each week join a direct selling business,and 80% of these are MLM and Network marketing businesses. Over 300,000 MORE people in other countries join direct selling each week, a global total of 475,000 people per week enter direct selling, including MLM.
This has even been made much more easier by the internet for wide expansion, easy and stress free adminitration both locally, nationwide and at the international level, thus turning MlM into a huge expanding boom.Financial freedom, selfemployment,has become the next revolutionary movement. It is becoming clearer by the day that we are headed back to how it used to be before the Industrial Revolution, where 80% were selfemployed, only that this time it is possible to have it at a wide spread normalcy.

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Where Are You?

Beleive it or not, you belong to one of these four groups: Employees, Self Employed, Big business Owners and Investors. The Employees and the Self Employed are on one part of the quadrant called THE RAT RACE while the Big business Owners and the Investors are on the other side of the quadrant known as THE FAST TRACK. The people in real money are those in the Fast track and baby, it takes a whole lot to move into that part of the quadrant and many of us are trapped in the RAT RACE CORNER. Refusing to change over to the FAST TRACK means that you'll forever wish you could quit from your job; you'll tire yourself from going from job to job; you'll forever wish you could make money but never afford to loose your job or learn a new proffession; you'll work hard but only the owners of the company will get rich and you'll not get ahead financially and too soon, you'll start thinking about retirement and always be afraid that technology or someone younger or smarter will over throw you.

Via: Business School
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Come On Board !

I am in the Network Marketing Proffession and have gone through several Trianing Sessions (thanks so much to my uplines in the Honey Fountain Group and a wonderful Company like Tahitian Noni International). I am equiped for this Mlm journey and part I'm part of that very few percentage that suceeds. Stick to your training and if you haven't got one, well you could actually do it your self. Source for good stuff on Network Marketing on the net and get trained. Visit with me from time to time for good stuffs. Don't forget to read books on network marketing success and motivation. Guys like Jim Rohn, Richard Poe, Mark Yernell, John Milton Fogg and a host of them have been great aid to me on this journey. I am not there yet, but I'm sure on my way to real success and one good thing about this trip is that anyone can come on. So why dont you come on board as we create and share wealth.

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Real MLM

In the Honey Fountain Group, leaders are trained to do network marketing the way it should be done. Not buying and selling, not front loading, not recruiting people with the sole intention to make money from them. Here, Network marketing or Multilevel marketing is proffessionally taught and practiced, hiding no fundamental truths. Working hard and smart is passed down from level to level. Uplines are selfless in ensuring that every member of the group succeeds. Emphasis is seriously placed on teaching the people how to teach their people, to in turn teach thier people a proven success system that seperates us from the crowd. I am sure glad and privileged to be part of this successful and focused group with a wonderful product: Tahitian Noni Juice

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Prerequisites for success

  • Positive Outlook
  • Teachability
  • Generosity
  • Skin like Rhineceros
  • Enthusiasm
  • Drive
  • Incredible Persistence
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How Excited Are You about What You Are doing?

Sucess in MLM comes only to those who burn with enthusiasm. You can't fake it, you must be genuinely proud of your work. If you're not excited about your Home business opportunity, how will you get any one else excited. You don't have to be a high-energy person to exude enthusiasm. Enthusiasm grows from your deep seated conviction that other people want and need what you are offering and it fails when you know deep inside that what your show-casing is useless.

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sticking To What You Have Always Been Doing

If you keep doing what you have done before, you'll keep on getting what you have always got. The habit you develope from this day forward will ultimately determine how your future works out. successfull people dont drift to the top. It takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy to make things happen. don't have a lfe-for-the-moment atittude with little or no thought given for tommorrow.Turn negative consequencies into positive reward simply by changing habits now!

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Making a Change

Many people realise they need to make a change, but they are so scared to take a step because of fear of failure and some even claim to have job security. The truth is that the only security that can constantly assure you three full meals everyday no matter what,is the maximum prison. Find and look or for people who have that fear (fear of loosing thier jobs), people who hate thier jobs and still cling to it. Invite them to embrace this opportunity because the risk here is a calculated one.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A must have for success in Home business

Discipline and self motivation are important in this business because that's the only way to get make things happen. Did you know that children that went through home schooling do better in college and life than children that attended regular schools. This tells a lot about the self discipline and motivation required inorder to be able to meet up with the challenges from the outside world.
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A New Proffession

We are in a new recognized proffession called the home business. There is now a course devoted to this. This course is for everyone but not everyone qualifies to really do the business becuase certain standards are met before coming in. Certain periods of trainings are attained and then one comes out as a proffessional, to be able to to earn proffessional level of income. Multilevel marketers are not loosers, but proffessionals who are very proud of thier proffession.

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Your goal is your life's value and in setting your goals, it will help to have an insight on the anatomy of a goal.
what = goal, intent
why = motive, passion, desire, dream
how = plan
Your 'why' justifies your goal.
Your 'why' and your 'what' is much more simple than your 'how' but your 'why' is more important because if your 'why'(that is your reason) is not strong enough, you'll find it very easy to give up because it is th driving force, and it keeps you going through the tough times. Let's take an example: Eunice has a goal to make money and become really rich( that's her 'what').Her reason for having this goal is to be able to help people(her 'why).She plans to do this by getting involved in multi-level marketing(her 'how'). One more tip, unless your dream, purpose is almost a spiritual thing (like helping people), you may not not go to far. So dont just desire to make money, step it up by desiring to help make the world a better place.

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One reason why most people who read success books, dream success, talk success never get the desired sucess, is because of the lack of a plan and if there is a plan, the inability to be able to stick to the plan. Once you have a plan in place, the very next thing to do is to implement it, evaluate and then revise your plan. Remember,no matter how great your plan is, it will fail if you dont stick with it and revise it. Even God has had his plan implemented evaluated, revised and has stuck to it since He started.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How Commited Are You?

Commitment is the directing and compelling force in an individual's progress. Without it, no substantial success can be accomplished. Until one is committed, there is hesitance and a chance to draw back. There are so many opportunities to make one's life better if we only make a decision to pursue it. Don't worry about how to do it, just get committed first. Making the decision to do (commitment), is the most important part of getting started. Ignorance of this elementry truth kills countless and splendid plans. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence takes over. All sorts of things occur to make something happen, that never would have ocured if one hadn't made a commitment. Find something you can be passionate about, get something for yourself to be able to stand in real tough times.

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