Thursday, March 02, 2006


Your goal is your life's value and in setting your goals, it will help to have an insight on the anatomy of a goal.
what = goal, intent
why = motive, passion, desire, dream
how = plan
Your 'why' justifies your goal.
Your 'why' and your 'what' is much more simple than your 'how' but your 'why' is more important because if your 'why'(that is your reason) is not strong enough, you'll find it very easy to give up because it is th driving force, and it keeps you going through the tough times. Let's take an example: Eunice has a goal to make money and become really rich( that's her 'what').Her reason for having this goal is to be able to help people(her 'why).She plans to do this by getting involved in multi-level marketing(her 'how'). One more tip, unless your dream, purpose is almost a spiritual thing (like helping people), you may not not go to far. So dont just desire to make money, step it up by desiring to help make the world a better place.

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