Friday, March 17, 2006

Want Some Water?

Just turn a faucet or even press a button as the case may be and have all the water you need. But did you know that it wasn't always like that. Back in them days, you had to first pour a little water into the top (that's called priming the pump). Next you put in lot of physical effort, pumping hard for a long time, trying to draw water from the deep underground. At this point, it's all work with no reward. But soon, everything changes and eventually,water would reach the top and massive result with little effort is experienced. Building a business is like that and so is MLM. First, it is massive effort with little pay off. Persistently priming the pump will get you to waking up one morning to find that your magic moment has come. Your downline will grow of it's own accord, your commissions will swell by the months and you will have at your disposal,the power of true leverage.

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