Sunday, April 22, 2007


In my network marketing journey, I have learnt that there are no strangers only friends we havent met. I my Network Marketing business, I just learnt in last weeks training session, that its not the MARKETING theat matters more but the NETWORKING. That means, not to just be too anxious about marketing my product or getting someone signed up, but to be interested in the people. Not just seeing how much WE NEED THEM as if they are some commodities, but to see that THEY NEED US. This will only make us look out for what we can add to their life, be interested in them and the marketing will definately take care of itself. Remembering also that our prospect will not listen to us until they know we care. So the focus has changed from ME ( who want to make $XYZ, or hit the next leadership title), to THEM (how I can help add sunhine to thier life). Today I vowed to ADD SUNSHINE TO THE LIFE OF ANY ONE WHO COMES IN CONTACT WITH ME. SO HELP ME GOD. AND THAT INCLUDES YOU. ADDING SUNSHINE IN PEOPLE'S LIFE MUST NOT HAPPEN ONLY WHEN THEY SIGN UP TO DO BIZ WITH ME. NO THEY DONT HAVE TO. I JUST WANT TO ADD SUNSHINE TO THIER LIFE. STAY COOL AND MAKE YOUR WEEK GREAT. I WILL DO SO TOO.

Its sunday and I was in church. How I have missed church. Last sunday after easter, we couldnt have service because our Generator was bad and we had no power supply from the Government. I wasnt funny at all as we just have to go home. Yes thats how it is in this part of the country. Nothing and absolutely nothing works. You just have to make it and take care of yourself or nothing happens. Makes me more determined to pursue my biz with such persistence, zeal and passion. Well you on your end, I hope you had a great day or you mind sharing your day with me?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hi, I am so thrilled to back to blogging again. I have been having such great epiphany and my biz is taking such new great level so I just thought that I have got to keep a record of all the happenings and get ready for tommorrow when I will have to write a book on how it all started and how I made it to the top.
Hope y'all been having a good time and behaving as one of my friend Mr Olaseriki would put it. Any time I ask him how he was doing, he always says "well Amara, I am behaving myself". So I hope you've all been behaving.
My Tahitian Noni International Home based business is boomming and you know what, the company is finally in Nigeria and we'll be holding a Fast Start and Coral camp on the 27th and 28th March 2007 respectively. We are all very excited. Even old "dead" downlines are excited about this and can you believe that more than half of my organisation are coming.
Do have a great time in church tommorrow and constantly, we will be communicating. Oh and if you dont go to church, still have a great time.