Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Where Are You?

Beleive it or not, you belong to one of these four groups: Employees, Self Employed, Big business Owners and Investors. The Employees and the Self Employed are on one part of the quadrant called THE RAT RACE while the Big business Owners and the Investors are on the other side of the quadrant known as THE FAST TRACK. The people in real money are those in the Fast track and baby, it takes a whole lot to move into that part of the quadrant and many of us are trapped in the RAT RACE CORNER. Refusing to change over to the FAST TRACK means that you'll forever wish you could quit from your job; you'll tire yourself from going from job to job; you'll forever wish you could make money but never afford to loose your job or learn a new proffession; you'll work hard but only the owners of the company will get rich and you'll not get ahead financially and too soon, you'll start thinking about retirement and always be afraid that technology or someone younger or smarter will over throw you.

Via: Business School
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