Friday, June 02, 2006

It has been quite a great day.

I went to school to submit my letter of application for my national youth service posting. Actually since I finished from the University of Lagos in 2005, I haven’t gone for the normal one year National Youth Service where we give our great nation one year of our service. Why? I wanted to focus more on my new found mlm business and to worsen it all, they posted me to a place in Northern Nigeria called Plateau State, a journey of at least 18 hours. Then, you couldn’t imagine how broke I was so I decided not to go Period. This is more than a year after, I am applying now, not because I need it for a job, but because I would like to do my masters and the National Youth Service certificate is a pre-requisite, I have decided to serve my good old country. After all, I am better off financially. From school, I went to supply a carton of Noni to a retail customer and called a prospect to arrange meeting him on Sunday afternoon. I got home quite early and had some heart to heart talk with big sister, relaxed and blogged. I hope your day was not bad at all.

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