Friday, May 12, 2006

A Made Up Mind

Real success in Mlm demands you to have skin like Rhinocerose. Rhinoceros are said to have real hard skin. Hard times and strong oppositions are bound to come but with skin hard as rhinoceros, they'll all seem not to get to you. Returning from a day's activity one day, I told my friend out of sheer experience that for one to really succeed in this business, you must have made up your mind that you are going to succeed. There are people who dont share your dream and not only that, the want to make sure that you dont achieve yours. Some downlines in your mlm organisation, will make it look like they are doing you are favour by been in your mlm organisation. You may have uplines who are not ready to assist you in anyay, I just thank God that in my own mlm organisation called the TNI industry,there is nothing like one doing all the job and someone else just sits back and earn all the moneyl. In mlm company like Tni, ACTIVITY EQUALS INCOME period!

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