Monday, April 24, 2006

A better Organisation

I have been having a swell time signing people up people and teaching them how to also get people signed up. But my main concern is getting them trained because I realise the need for training. Its not an option, its a must for sucess in this network marketing business and I want every single person I sponsor, to suceed. But many factors play against this, some can hardly get any time off work, there are others who dont see the need, thinking they can succed anyhow so even though they can make out time, they hardly come and when I go out on my own to teach them say in thier offices or home, they already have a mind set that they dont need the traininig and several other situation even though there a few who appreciate the trining and want more confirming statistics that says 9 out of 10 fail in this business. But I dont give up anybody, so I decided to make a little handout and talk on the importance of training. If they can see the need, I thought, whether I am there or not, they will strive to get trained. I pointed out that training is the only thing that will:

  • increase thier value in the market place
  • give then the prffesional skill they need for proffessional income
  • bring out the dormant potential in them
  • focus on their personal develpment, people skill as well as basic skills
  • give them the education, the time, the oppurtunity to develope leadership skills that is essential for sucess in this business
  • ensure that people leave the crowd and stick with them and
  • make them focus and purposeful

The burden is to make them desire for more and more information, that way they can have something to give to their own downlines then, we all together, can boast of a great organisation and with time enjoy true leveraging. I Woner if someone out there could share thier experience with regards to this issue with me. Cheers

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