Monday, April 10, 2006

Network Marketing And Traditional Business

In network marketing business, you'll get a lot of excitement out of your work so the money becomes a secondary thing because you're doing an excellent job which will automatically attract the money. You set your goals yourself, you know where you started from, where you're at this moment and where you want to go. You also look at what you've achieved so far and take pleasure in them. You never ever loose in Network marketing. Even when the visibles are no more, you can always take what you've learnt and move on, knowing that you will always succed. In Network Marketing, your success is not affected by someone else's failure. There is no competition, no tearing down of one another to succeed rather, helping others only takes you up and doesnt hurt you at all. The phrase "dog eat dog", is not ever applicable. Everyone is a winner. Is this the same in a normal traditional business? I've got no idea 'cos I haven't been out there . You could comment and enlighten us. Cheers!

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