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My last month's activity in my network marketing business, Tahitian Noni International to be precise, got me the leadership tittle of a Jade. Becoming a Jade in our company is the very first goal of a distributor after sign-up. Attaining leadership title has a lot of significance. It shows that you are working; shows that you are succeeding; that you are a leader, that this business is real and is what it is said to be and finally, attaining leadership tittle simply means that your income is growing, increasing and will get bigger. I know that I am really going to be rich and becoming a Jade only makes me know for sure that my dreams will only come through. A group volume of 4,800 cases over six levels in my organization and three Corals on my first level, simply meaning that we made 40 cases of Tahitian Noni Juice in my group, made this possible. Thanks to my downlines in my organisation for without them, this may not have been possible. To my uplines in the Honey Fountain Group who have trained, encouraged and looked forward to my success, working tirelessly and selflessly and who excitedly rejoiced with me over this achievement, I say a very big thank you. I really love you all. This is worth celebrating because it was real hardwork and this tells that if you work hard and do what you are told to do in this business, success is sure. Becoming a Jade is only the beggining. There are other mountains to cross and I trust that the good dear Lord Jesus Christ, who granted me the grace to get here, is more than able and willing to see that I get to the peak of this business even to become a TNI executive. I am on my way out to prospect, hold business presentation, trian my downlines and help in anyway that I can because I need to see them seucced too. God bless you all
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At 5:05 PM, Blogger Tahiti Tradewinds said...

Belated congratulations to you, Amara ! I know you do well with the Tahitian Noni juice opportunity. Not only do you have excellent successline support from the Honey Fountain Group, but you have great inner beginnings of leader. A leader, after all, is someone who has people following them. Just remember you must be exactly the type of person that you want following you. In other words, those people who will be attracted to you in your business will be of the same type of personality and drive that you are and are aspiring to be!
Eric Carlos
Your Successline (somewhere upline)


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