Saturday, April 29, 2006

Busy Day?

It's really very easy for us to think that our day is really very busy. Read this and then see if your excuse for being unproductive and an underachiever will still be that you have a busy day. From mountain wings a site I subscribed to I got this and found it very challening. Enjoy!
I am 65 years old, work full time and do my own housework,which becomes more of a challenge all the time.My husband is disabled and unable to help me.Right now I am picking up walnuts outside, to sell.I am slower than I used to be at this, because this makes my onewhole leg and hip hurt.My youngest son and his family were here for about 6 1/2 hourstonight. Their children are 5, 3-1/2, and 1. The two oldestare boys. They helped me pick up walnuts, water flowers, etc.while they were here.I fixed supper for 8 people tonight, fixed my grandsons' platesand ate with them while other people did their own thing.I have cooked three meals today, cleaned up the dishes and donelaundry. I also read to my grandsons and helped to keep myyear-old granddaughter occupied.I've also had help to takes clothes out of the clothes dryer,etc.In my spare time, I make the greeting cards that I send, I amworking on my husband's genealogy, and am now working on acalendar to give people for Christmas.I have just completed a book "A Lifetime Together," covering the46 years my husband and I have known each other. I also handlethe family budget and correspondence.Now I must finish on the computer, so I can get to bed and get alittle rest before I must get up in the morning and startanother busy day.Zelda

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