Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Traditinal Business Pitfall

For real! No pay roll,employee, benefit cost, advertizing, overheads, book-keeping and accounts recievables. Network marketing has an entirely different set of entrapments of its own. But once understood, these problems are easily overcomed. Success is critically dependent on awareness from the very begginning of what these hazzards are and how to overcome them.
Network Marketing annual sales are nearing twenty billion dollars ($20b) in the US alone, being moved by an estimated eight million (8m) people. World wide, more than a $1000 of a broad spectrum of product and services are being sold and estimated 30 million estimated network marketers. Keep in mind that we are a still very young industry with an expansive promissing future. Several studies have predicted that a 3rd of all goods and services will be moved via network marketing in western nations shrtly after the turn of of the century and this could be as hish as 50 percent developed nations by the year 2110

via Your First Year in Network Marketing


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