Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everday should be worth the living.

I asked some friends the other day these two questions: how much are you worth and how much do you have to your name? In answering the question, they thought that the second question should actually come first because, believing that it will get the person into serious thought and by the time the second question hits home, he acessess himself to really see how far and how well his life has got.

I think this questions should really get one not only thinking, but to look around at what makes up the daily living. By this I mean, what you do, what occupies your thought, who and what controls you, what you achieve daily for yourself and how secured your future (retirement) is.

We have a lot of say into how your life works out says one of my main mentors in this little life of mine. This is simply because a lot of choices are up to you to make. Do you get? Choices like: who works with you or who you work for, taking the trip or living it for the next vacation, To spend that money or to rather save it for somthing more important etc. Clearer? feel free to share you ideas and coments with me


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